No Chew Training Tie Down - Tether Restraint for Dogs & Teething Puppies

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  • NO CHEW TRAINING TETHER RESTRAINT FOR DOGS AND TEETHING PUPPIES - Made with heavy duty vinyl coated wire rope, like a tie-out but lighter and more flexible
  • GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO INDOOR EXERCISE PEN: Easier, smaller, and less than half the price of xpens / playpens/ exercise pens
  • ASSEMBLED IN THE USA WITH 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Your purchase is protected by our 90 day total satisfaction guarantee for a full refund. Also our lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials for the life of the product

POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: Tethers get your dog out of his crate and with you while still under control as she learns how to behave! A dog tether is not a punishment. It is a training tool for safety and management in the home. When tethering is used with positive reinforcement, it can be very effective in the success of your dog training program.

4 FEET OR 6 FEET, WHICH TO GET? It depends on where you plan to tether your pup and how much you want them to roam. Can they get tangled around something nearby? Does she need more length to see you or less length to keep her from wandering? It's up to you.

GOOD AND BAD TETHERING OPTIONS: Generally, it should be sturdy, durable, and stationary without anything nearby to get tangled in. The foot of a bed or table (if they can't get scratched) are good. Lamps and chairs can fall over, so they're bad. If you need to get creative, a roll of duct tape, packing tape, or toilet paper on one side of a closed door with the tether going underneath works well.

SUPERVISION HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: A short tether used as a tie out can be scary and even dangerous for a dog without supervision.

Customer Reviews

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Keeps our Rottie pup controlled.

We use this to keep our Rottie pup under control. It works great.

Exactly what I was looking for

I was finding it hard to find a short tether for my dog to keep her secure and close to me at baseball games. With the longer tethers she would get herself tangled and would get in people’s way. The last leash short tie out is a great product and I’m very pleased with the wonderful customer service!

Perfect for Teethers

My puppy has difficulty distinguishing play time outside other than inside so keep her tethered so as not to get access to everything we don’t want her to. She managed to chew .through 3 leashes and 1 harness within 2 weeks. Bought this as a replacement and now I don’t have to worry anymore. No matter how many times she attempts she’s had no luck and never will. She’s stopped focusing on escaping and focused more on her toys.

Puppy training must-have

Exactly what I was looking for, exactly as expected. I wish that was the case with everything else in this profit driven made-to-fail craptastic world of consumerism.

Good leash for dogs that chew

My pup loves to chew on her leash but not this one. Only SMALL complaint is the clip is a bit heavy for a pup. Doesn't stop me from recommending this leash.

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