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Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint - Chew-Proof Heavy Duty Car Seatbelt Tether

$ 13.99
  • NO-CHEW RESTRAINT - Put your dog in the back seat with a regular nylon seat belt restraint and it can be destroyed in seconds. Not anymore. Our dog seat belt is made out of heavy-duty vinyl coated wire rope, the same material used in dog tie-outs.
  • ATTACHES TO SAFETY LATCH BAR - Instead of clipping into a regular seatbelt which could be stepped on and accidentally unfastened, our seat belt clips to one of your car's latch bars, found in the seat creases in your cars back seat or behind the back seat headrests.
  • CLIP TO YOUR DOGS HARNESS - Designed for use with a vest harness for added safety for your pet.
  • 3 SIZES FOR DIFFERENT PETS - **PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE BUYING** - Available in 22, 26, or 31 inch sizes (56, 66, 79 cm). Measure from harness ring to safety latch bar.
  • ASSEMBLED IN THE USA WITH 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Your purchase is protected by our 90-day total satisfaction guarantee for a full refund. Also, our lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials for the life of the product.

Do you want to restrain your dog in the car, but you're worried they will chew through a standard webbing seat belt? Our pet seat belt car restraint is made of vinyl coated steel rope - the same material used in dog tie-outs. We designed this product to help dog owners keep their dogs secure in a car without worrying about chewing. Our dog restraint clips to your cars latch bars which are standard on all vehicles made after 2002. These bars are designed for child car seats and are welded directly to your car's frame. For additional mobility, you can instead clip dog restraint to the sliding metal tab on the car's seat belt.

Three sizes are available for different size dogs. Our weight/size information are estimates. Please measure the distance from your dog's harness ring to the latch bar to ensure you purchase the right size. If unsure or between sizes, order the larger size. 

Suggested weights are approximate:

22 Inches - Small/Medium Dogs (5-50 lbs)

26 Inches - Large Dogs (51-80 lbs)

31 Inches - Extra Large Dogs (81-110 lbs)

Customer Reviews

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Sue Beagley

Love your tethers, I'm a dog trainer and I advise people to use tethers all the time! Yours are great because dogs can't chew through them!

Mary Ann
Have had no problem with my chewer with my first ...

Have had no problem with my chewer with my first purchase so bought another one after getting a second dog.

Blue bait

my devil dog ate all the other doggie seat belts I had, this one is the only one that is still in one piece

Great for chewers

My Dog can't chew this.

and I am very happy with them

I have been using these for 4 months now, and I am very happy with them. Both my dogs are chewers and will destroy a canvas seat belt in seconds. They cannot chew through these sturdy coated tethers, and they are safely secured while riding in my vehicle. I highly recommend these for anyone with a dog who loves to chew.

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