Dog Leash Handle - Short Leash with Padded Handle - Use with Two-Dog Couplers, Service Dogs, or as Traffic Lead

$ 13.99
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE -- Padded handle made of soft foam reinforced with a semi-rigid core to protect your hands even with large dogs pulling
  • SERVICE DOGS, LEASH TRAINING, or BUSY CROWDED AREAS -- Short leash for instant feedback, tighter control, and fewer distractions
  • EXTRA STRONG -- Every part was chosen with durability in mind. Soft yet reinforced foam handle, steel core cable, and large metal snap.
  • PAIR WITH LEASH EXTENSION (sold separately) -- Use our "4 ft Chew-proof Tether" as an extension to make a full-length leash. Switch freely between short or full length as needed. Buy 4 ft extension here:
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE -- Return within 90 days for money back or exchange within 3 years for warranty replacement

Service Dogs: Leashes for seeing eye dogs and other medium-to-large service dogs need to be short, lightweight, and comfortable. We use reinforced foam grips that are soft and comfortable enough to prevent fatigue even with hours of use per day.

Leash Training: If your dog pulls like an ox or darts around like a rabbit, then a short leash is the best option. Traffic leads are short enough to give tighter control and instant feedback, reducing the need for extra commands. Also before your pup is well-trained he'll still try to pull hard, which is why a large comfortable handle is so important.

Solid Construction: Built with coated cable, like the kind used in tie-outs, but lighter and more flexible. The grip is made of closed cell foam surrounding a semi-rigid reinforced core. All the materials used are resistant to weather, odor, mold or mildew, and rust.

Size: 18 inches, end-to-end including snap

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