Core™ Leash for Puppies and Large Dogs - No Chew, Heavy Duty, Fixed Length, 6 feet

$ 19.99
  • FOR LARGE DOGS THAT LIKE TO PULL - Guaranteed to withstand several hundred pounds of force. The handle is padded with thick foam rubber for absolute comfort
  • FOR PUPPIES - Teething puppies and other dogs that like to chew cannot chew through our heavy duty dog leash, with a soft outer coating (not chew-proof) and an inner core of strong flexible braided steel (chew-proof).
  • SOFT PADDED FOAM RUBBER HANDLE - Absolute comfort and reduced fatigue even with a dog that likes to pull (foam is not chew-proof)
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - 90 days for return and a 3 year warranty!

When your dog tends to chew, bite, or pull on the leash, you'll need a new leash...or 2 or 3 or 10. Last Leash [made by Dog-Proof Gear] puts other "heavy duty" leashes to shame. With a comfort grip, smooth action metal snaps, and heavy duty coated cable, this may be the last leash you'll ever need to buy! Get one of the Last Leash accessories at the same time. Choose from the hands-free cross-body sling for running or the two dog coupler.

Customer Reviews

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Great to adapt for a dog run

Modified for a long cable run. Dog kept chewing through the leash attachment so this was the perfect solution.

I love this leash

I love this leash. Perfect for my dog that has chewed two other leashes in half. Im not crazy about the clasp at the end. I see now that there is a newer version of this leash that has a Carabiner clip, that is the one I would have gotten in hind sight. But still, this is a great leash

Great Dane proof

We have a rescue Great Dane puppy and he chewed through his leash when left tethered for dinner (teaching him to sit calmly during dinner because his face reaches over the table). This leash is perfect for tethering. He is close to us but can’t get into the food and since he knows he can’t break it, he lies there calmly. Also for me since he is so tall sometimes i walk him with only the handle. Extra perk!

Excellent leash! My dog that chews through every collar ...

Excellent leash! My dog that chews through every collar and leash, has not been able to gnaw through this. He doesn't even try anymore!The cushy handle is very comfortable.

good leash but has some downsides.

Is good for big dogs but beware the clasp end is only good for collars with one loop.. This will not work with full chest harness that has two loops. Also handle is torn after a few months of use. the Foam handle does not bend well when dogs pull and the foam is now torn. I will have to apply tape to keep it together.New Review: I must say that after numerous years on eBay and amazon this vendor is the first to actually read my comments and actually do something about it. Besides the fact that I appreciate the new reinforced handle you sent, I have grown to love the various loops to control the dog. I have a pit bull so sometimes I need a shorter leash. I also love the fact that this fits around his neck on the first loop to act as a collar or I can slip just below the loop to act as a choker. Handle or not this is an excellent leash for big dogs.

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