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TopDog™ Leash for Puppies and Large Dogs - No Chew, Heavy Duty, Adjustable Length (up to 6 feet)

$ 27.99
  • FOR LARGE DOGS THAT LIKE TO PULL - Guaranteed to withstand several hundred pounds of force. The handle is padded with thick foam rubber for absolute comfort
  • FOR PUPPIES - Teething puppies and other dogs that like to chew cannot chew through our heavy duty dog leash, with a soft outer coating (not chew-proof) and an inner core of strong flexible braided steel (chew-proof).
  • SOFT PADDED FOAM RUBBER HANDLE - Absolute comfort and reduced fatigue even with a dog that likes to pull (foam is not chew-proof)
  • VERSATILE - Can be used as a tie-out or traffic lead
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - 90 days for return and a 3 year warranty!

When your dog tends to chew, bite, or pull on the leash, you'll need a new leash...or 2 or 3 or 10. Last Leash [made by Dog-Proof Gear] puts other "heavy duty" leashes to shame. With a comfort grip, smooth action metal snaps, detachable handle (TopDog™ model only), and heavy duty coated cable, you'll be ready for any dog in any situation. Walking, running, hiking, biking, crossing traffic, or even a brief tie out to grab a cup of problem. This may be the last leash you'll ever need to buy! Get one of the Last Leash accessories at the same time. Choose from the hands-free cross-body sling for running or the two dog coupler.

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