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Dog Bathing Tub Restraint - Tether Strap Keeps Dog in Bathtub - Upgraded Suction Cup for Any Surface

$ 18.99
  • DRY FLOORS AND NO MESS - Keep the mess in the tub by keeping your dog in the tub
  • STICKS TO VIRTUALLY ANY SURFACE - Includes a heavy duty suction cup with locking lever, plus an ultra-strong 3M adhesive mounting disc for rough or uneven bathroom walls and tubs
  • HANDS FREE AND STRESS FREE - Keep both hands free for washing, bathing, rinsing, or grooming
  • ADJUSTABLE LOOP - Goes around the neck and fits all sizes, from a small cat to a large dog
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - and a 3-year warranty too!

Keep the mess in the tub by keeping your dog in the tub. Simple as that.

How long is this restraint? Approximately 22 inches, depending on how big the loop around your dog's neck is.

My dog is really big. Will it hold? We've made it as strong as possible and tried to account for many factors. That said, there are literally dozens of factors that affect how strong it will hold. If it doesn't hold as expected, you can return for a full refund.

Which type of surfaces will it stick to? Porcelain, smooth or textured tile, fiberglass, hardwood, laminate, aluminum, stainless steel, other metals, acrylic, plastic, polished concrete, drywall, smooth or frosted glass, mirror, vinyl, stone (all types, including granite), bamboo, linoleum...did we forget anything?

Need a new mounting disc for another location? Email us here:

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